Natural Language Processing @ The Alan Turing Institute


We have weekly meetings (paper discussions and invited talks). The meetings are organised by Nicole Peinelt.
Date Presenter Title of the paper/talk
09.08.2018 Nicole Peinelt Research Tools: Tensorboard & Tensorflow Debugger
26.07.2018 Dong Nguyen Deep contextualized word representations, Peters et al. link
19.07.2018 Marya Bazzi Talk on "Community detection in temporal multilayer networks, with an application to correlation networks"
12.07.2018 Hieu Hoang Talk on "Fast neural machine translation implementation" link
28.06.2018 Andrew Moore Strong baselines for neural semi-supervised learning under domain shift, Ruder and Plank link
14.06.2018 Nigel Collier Talk on "Entity linking using heterogeneous health text data"
21.05.2018 Andrey Malinin Talk on "Estimating uncertainty in predictions for deep learning"
14.05.2018 Dong Nguyen Talk on "Comparing automatic and human evaluation of local explanations for text classification"
30.04.2018 Kira Kempinska Talk on "Adversarial sequential Monte Carlo - flexible modelling of sequential data with Bayesian deep learning"
23.04.2018 Andrew Moore Auxiliary Objectives for Neural Error Detection Models, Rei and Yannakoudakis link
09.04.2018 Zeerak Waseem (Factmata/Sheffield) Talk on "Annotation and detection of hate speech"
26.03.2018 Elena Kochkina Building a Bayesian deep learning classifier, Dorman link
19.03.2018 Bo Wang A simple regularization-based algorithm for learning cross-domain word embeddings, Yang et al. link
12.03.2018 Johannes Welbl (UCL) Talk on “Machines that read and reason: Multi-hop reading comprehension across documents”
5.03.2018 Bo Wang and Nicole Peinelt Hierarchical Attention Networks for Document Classification, Yang et al. link
26.02.2018 Radoslaw Kowalski Apparatus and method for predicting customer behaviour, Kannan et al. link
19.02.2018 Adam Tsakalidis Active Sentiment Domain Adaptation, Wu et al. link
12.02.2018 Nicole Peinelt Very deep convolutional networks for text classification, Conneau et al. link
25.01.2018 Adria Gascon Talk on “Privacy-preserving document classification in federated databases”
18.01.2018 Dong Nguyen, Barbara McGillivray, Taha Yasseri Word Embeddings Quantify 100 Years of Gender and Ethnic Stereotypes, Garg et al. link
11.01.2018 Tao Wang Detecting and Characterizing Eating-Disorder Communities on Social Media, Wang et al. link
07.12.2017 Elena Kochkina An investigation of imitation learning algorithms for structured prediction, Vlachos link
30.11.2017 Barbara McGillivray Semantic Variation in Online Communities of Practice, Tredici and Fernández link
23.11.2017 Barbara McGillivray and Jim Smith A Bayesian Model of Diachronic Meaning Change, Frermann and Lapata link
16.11.2017 Maria Liakata Sluice networks: Learning what to share between loosely related tasks, Ruder et al. link
09.11.2017 Radoslaw Kowalski Semantic Folding Part 1 of the article (pp. 8-29), De Sousa Webber link
02.11.2017 Walid Magdy (Edinburgh) Discussion with Walid Magdy about his paper Fake it till you make it: Fishing for Catfishes. link
26.10.2017 Dong Nguyen Depression and Self-Harm Risk Assessment in Online Forums, Yates et al. link
19.10.2017 Hieu Hoang Attention is all you need, Vaswani et al. link
12.10.2017 Andrew Moore Aspect Level Sentiment Classification with Deep Memory Network, Tang et al. link